Kitchen Table Poets Group Shot

The kitchen table is usually a place to cook, eat, do homework or gather family, but for more than ten years a group of dedicated poets has been meeting at various kitchen tables around the Shoalhaven (on the NSW South Coast), to share and discuss their work.

Every month The Kitchen Table Poets gather to read their latest poems and offer each other honest advice, constructive criticism, creative inspiration, suggestions for reading, coffee and cake.

Meetings are always stimulating, informed and productive, so it’s not surprising that with all this poetic finessing, many of the Kitchen Table Poets have been published, won commendations, prizes and fellowships. Some have been invited to read at poetry events and on the media.

Join us at the kitchen table to sample from a wide range of poetic treats, learn about individual members and stay up-to-date with new work, poetry readings and events from this highly-regarded group of Australian poets.

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Tangents, our first publication of collected works, is available for purchase please contact us here to purchase your copy.