Chere Le Page

I've always been interested in writing. As a little girl, I wrote wild and wonderful stories about imaginary people and their lives. I still do. I'm a voyeur of life. (I spent many years writing about people and places for a living, but that's another story!)

When I was a teenager, I wrote poems –romantic, overwrought poems about love and lust (although I didn't know it at the time). They ended up in an old cardboard box until about ten years ago, when I found them and read them with a mixture of horror and pleasure. They were pretty terrible, yes, but they had something within them to unearth.

I began to write poetry again and when I joined the Kitchen Table Poets, I learned a lot about what I was doing. I'm still learning. Since then I've studied, read and written extensively and have won awards for my poetry and stories. I'm also a visual artist.

For me, writing poetry is like making art from words.

dancing on tables

I used to travel the world in Lear-jets
dance on tables eat lobster
drink champagne most days
when I was young and slim
and dark curly- haired

I used to think that was normal

the smartest boy

watch your toes
little Jai said
when a big four-wheel drive
started up nearby

little Jai said that
I couldn't believe it
when it started up nearby
he was not just repeating words

I couldn't believe
what he was saying
he was not just repeating words
he was thinking out loud

what he was saying
was a revelation to me
he was thinking out loud
as we stood together in the sunshine

watch your toes, little Jai said

I love that more than any bottle of champagne