Elaine Chin

As a child, when my nose wasn’t stuck in a book, I wrote little stories and illustrated them. This relieved the tedium of a very ordinary life. It took me to places I would have liked to go, an escape to a dream world. I still write constantly, poetry being the medium I love most.

When we came to the Shoalhaven over 17 years ago I joined the Fellowship of Australian Writers so I could pursue writing more seriously. As a consequence of a poetry workshop conducted by Chris Mansell about 11 years ago, I became one of the founding members of the KTPs.

I have had successes in FAW (NSW) poetry competitions and have read at poetry festivals, at Bundanon, and in open mike readings. In 1995, I self-published two small books of poetry, Circles and Totem Circle, and in 2008 some of my poems were included in Tangents, the KTP publication. I have been included in FAW (Shoalhaven) anthologies, and in Arrow Publishing’s A Poet’s Journey 2001 and The Poet’s Voice 2002’’.

negative spaces

where they all hide –
dying hopes
fears of hurt
undertones of grief

he comes home
slumps into the chair
face blank

the brain absorbs them
into the big picture
damage papered over

will we go out
meet some people
not today

the art teacher said
fill in the negative spaces
define your subject

see a doctor
she keeps trying
what can he do
send me to hell? –
I’m there

empty words
spill from dark spaces
in the picture

Elaine Chin 2010