I am fortunate to be married to a working artist with numerous children and grandchildren. I keep active in the community art scene at Shoalhaven and sit on the Council Arts board. With the Kitchen Table Poets since its inception we have run a number of poetry festival/picnic days and readings in the area.

I have been writing since I was a child, at that time unable to do much else due to Polio.

Now a member of the Fellowship of Australian Writers (Shoalhaven region) I have had the International Women’s Day Award for community service and I continue to speak on fine art and art business practice. I also advise Western Sydney university Arts Board.

My husband and I both are Patrons of the Australian Ballet, and Opera Australia I worked as a journalist for 20 years and five years as Arts manager for a Sydney auction house.

My published work includes Against the Tide, a biography of Robert Dickerson, Chiaroscuro (collected poetry) and inclusion in All This Life, This Broken Hill, Stet, The Naked Pomegranate, Tangents, Noosa Blue, and The Canberra Times.

Being Sudanese In Tamworth

I met Omar in the main street
near the post box, Thursday
Pension day, street busy, farmers
inspecting new machines
leave the wife to shop.
Coles specials coffee from
a third world slave pit
margarine no cholesterol
Best and Less baby bunny
sleeping bags. Flammable.
Omar buys two
for the expected one
sales girl asks
what country is he from
I tell her he can speak
Omar smiles, white teeth
gleam, jokes he’s a famous
she looks blank,
should have said guitarist
in Tamworth.

Gourmet Cooking

You call on the butcher.
ask him if he’s got any brains
and you know exactly the reply
If I had I wouldn’t be here
So you do your fake laugh.