Jennifer Mors

When I was seven, I spent many lunchtimes reading giant-sized books of illustrated poetry in the corner of my school teacher’s office. It was not for punishment – it was the greatest treat .

My journey to writing poetry hasn’t been a straight line. I studied visual art and design – painted, printed, photographed – brought up children, taught school holiday programs, ran a courier business for painters, cleaned houses and took in ironing; went back to school, managed printing companies and art centres, worked in the computer industry, studied arts management, promoted Australian design throughout Australia and overseas, consulted for arts organisations, co-ordinated the local dune-care group, served on Shoalhaven Arts Board and Coastal Management Committee, and commuted to Sydney for three years to study writing.

The written word has travelled with me through it all. Most of this mish-mash of activity has required writing in some form or another; the less intellectual pursuits have provided time for thinking about writing.

Being part of the Kitchen Table Poets has opened up a whole new chapter in my writing. Once again, I find myself engrossed in poetry in all its shapes and sizes. Perhaps it is time to thank Miss Talbot for inspiring me to go further than my first writing endeavours that so predictably concluded “and so ends a happy day�?.


I’ll make a sandwich to have on the way
he said

I need the day to be over
she said

I won’t be gone long
he said

I might go to bed
she said

I’ll be back ‘round 6
he said

a sleeping tablet would make the day disappear
she said

he said

she said

can I make you a sandwich?
he said

Jennifer Mors 2010


I told them I liked the phone I had
Yes, I know it’s ten years old
They offered to upgrade me to a better model
No, I don’t want one
It would be delivered on Monday free-of-charge
Yes, I’ll be at home.

I told her I needed time to sort out the house
Yes, there is always tomorrow
She said I would be much better with company
No, I need time alone
Shopping with a friend would cheer me up
Yes, where shall we meet?

I told him that technology had surpassed me
Yes, it’s good to be up-to-date
He said I should get on Facebook
No, I don’t really need it
It would be a great way to keep in touch
Yes, thanks for installing it.

I told them I didn’t want Thai takeaway
Yes, it is easier than cooking
They said I needed a break from preparing food
No, I like to cook
The menu will be emailed so I can choose
Yes, Pad Thai noodle will be fine.

I told the family I didn’t want to be cremated
Yes, it is more efficient
They said I could be put in the wall with the others
No, I like the idea of the soil
The forms have been put in the post for completion
Rest in peace.

Jennifer Mors 2011