Kate Broadhurst

For years I made arts documentaries for TV in the UK and Australia, as well as writing magazine articles.

A decade ago I fell in love with Jervis Bay and moved to the South Coast of NSW with my husband.

I have always read and written poetry, and whenever I rummage in my bag or tidy under the bed, I find scraps of paper with fragments of new poems: drafted but rarely polished.

Since joining the Kitchen Table Poets, I have been inspired and encouraged to read more widely, write, re-write and share my poems.

The Memory Box

It was in this room
he rolled the orb across my desk
like a small sun
smiled and said
describe for me this orange.

From these porous walls
I learned to drink flowers
sing spirals of colour
follow a sonnet
and read every curve of the river.

In this rare place
I traced the outline of his face
and learned how to see
between the lines
with my eyes half-closed.

Deep in this copse
I learned to be bold
and climbed half-way up
to scar my heart
into big beech bark.

In here I was taught
to diminish the seventh
that three can recur
and first asked the question
but how do you know?

It was in this box cupboard
under these stairs
I learned to drink apples
and feel for his lips
soft in the dark

Dartington Hall Reunion, 2011